From its origin, the USS orient its action to the fulfillment purposes in teachers, research and environmental links in a consequent way and with a maturity level reached in every stage of its institutional development, always in harmony with society demands in public politics frames.

This systematic action, has improved its quality standards in all its academic functions. Moreover, it has faced successfully voluntary processes of institutional accreditation and tens of accreditation process degrees, according the Chilean quality assurance system. Current institutional accreditation for 5 years in Institutional Management, Undergraduate Teaching and Public Engagement, the 28 accredited degrees and the 90% of traditional undergraduate enrollment, are a clear reflect of this.

In addition of all this experience, we have the conviction that self-appraisal, as well as external evaluations, are powerful mechanisms to improve the quality students formation. This premise and the rest of our job, motivate us to get deeper into the development system and the USS’s quality assurance culture. All of this, in the new higher education law context, approved in may, 2018 (21.091).

The new consolidation stage of the USS’s Educational Project (2019 – 2028) will have special emphasis to show quality standards fulfillment and achieve the most emblematic postgraduate programs accreditation, expanding the quality guarantee that has our undergraduate academic offer today.

In the same way, research and development function, will demand to integrate its process and results inside the Quality Assurance USS System to favor its under and postgraduate teaching interaction.

From an overview, we will assume the challenge to deal with process about institutional evaluation and programs, fulfilling whit international standards to favor the University and students insertion in the academic global system. In this way, the USS is in an accreditation process whit the German agency AQAS, entity that has an ample recognition at an European level and at the same time, is going forward in ARCUSUR (odontology) programs accreditation.

To achieve its objectives, USS promotes politics and transversal quality assurance mechanisms formulations, increasingly involving to the academic community and its implementation with teachers, students, graduates and employers inputs, who can make their feedback and improvement too. Additionally, different spaces of monitoring situations and systematic and periodic evaluation are deployed to verify the expecting results accomplishment, starting from the active role of principal authorities and collegiate university instances.

Finally, there is not a doubt that the university function presents innumerable and important challenges in national high education context and in modern world challenges. The USS will assume going forward in a decided and responsible institutional development, keeping its contribution forming professionals and creating knowledge transfers and society linkage, always under increasing quality standards.