International Relations


The International Affairs Office bonds San Sebastián University with other foreign higher education institutions and International organizations, with the purpose of building, strengthen and promote international cooperation.

The International Affairs Office is a service providing unit depending from the Academic Vice rectory, which works transversely with students, academics and academic units using international component as a tool that enriches institutional development, human capital formation and also to insert itself as an institution in a globalized world.

We aim to insert internationalization as an essential component for the development of the future professionals and the institution. We also are aware of the inclusion of an international, intercultural and global dimension at different levels of the university; institutional, schools, students, professors, research and alumni, according to the institutional mission, vision and values.

Having the mission of Inserting cultural capital into cultural capital formation, supporting the acquisition of abilities and competences of the students, contributing to their learning process and their qualification as future professionals.

This unit is in charge of managing the International Agreements according to the institutional guidelines and Christian Humanism values.

We are member of LEARNCHILE initiative, CONAHEC: Consortium for North American Higher Education and  NASPA: Students Affairs Professionals in Higher Education.

The scope of this unit is going from helping mobility of students and academics and implementing tailor-made courses program to taking postgraduate initiatives.

San Sebastián University provides the following services for foreign institutions:

Student mobility: student can apply to study a semester or a year in our university, at any campus along the country. further information:

Tailor-made programs in every discipline of our schools. Each tailor-made program has an academic module, extension activities, and networking activities with relevant stakeholders in the discipline.

Further  information:

To contact us for agreements please send an email to