International Relations

Foreign students

How does it work? Through this program, a USS student receives you during the first class days with other exchange partners and accompanies you during procedures, trips and visits of the campus. Your ChileanUSS will show you part of the city, solve your first questions and will teach you how to speak as a Chilean, in order to help you to insert yourself culturally in the country.

  1. Be enrolled or have completed the fourth semester at your home university.
  2. Complete, sign and send the USS request form.
  3. Certificate or qualification history.
  4. Attach a photocopy of a valid passport and a passport type digital photograph in JPG format.
  5. Send a letter certifying the domain at medium or higher level (B1 or B2) of Spanish language in case of not being Spanish native.

Obtaining a student VISA is required for those who wish to make an exchange in Chile. This VISA must be obtained at the Chilean Consulate of the origin country. The student VISA does not allow to work.

Students must have hired health insurance from their origin country. This insurance must cover the following benefits:

  • Medical and dental consultations
  • Accidents
  • Hospitalization and Surgeries
  • Mental health
  • Repatriation

Between 750 and 1260 USD. (monthly cost).