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National Accreditation

Accredited for 5 years  – Since september 2016 to september 2021 – by the National Accreditation Commission in Institutional Management, Undergraduate Teaching and Public Engagement areas.

The spirit that mobilizes the USS, is about permanent monitoring, evaluation and improvement of academic and management processes of San Sebastián University, in order to ensure quality education for all students.


San Sebastián University is the first Chilean university accredited with European standards. USS was certified by the German agency AQAS, consolidating the continuous improvement process that the institution has experienced in the last years and opening concrete development and internationalization possibilities.

San Sebastián University was certified under demanding European standards by AQAS agency (Agency for Quality Assurance), and this accreditation lasts for 6 years, until December 2024.

This certification – given by this prestigious accrediting agency whit headquarters in Köln, Germany – obeys to the USS’s compliance standards supported by the European Union, focalized in the Quality Assurance system and the effectiveness professional formation process. Hence, our university becomes the first Chilean institution to have this certification in undergraduate level.