Welcome to Universidad San Sebastián


San Sebastián University was founded in Concepción in 1989, as an educational project inspired by Christian Humanism values that propose to address all the knowledge areas. With an accreditation for 5 years in Institutional Management, Undergraduate Teaching and Public Engagement areas, it is attached to the Unique Admission System  (SUA), a mechanism used for the highest quality chilean universities.

San Sebastián offers 48 degrees (by day, evening or with the Advance mode) distributed in 11 Schools, receiving more than 29.500 students. Whit a high projection in Postgraduate and Continuing Education, it offers 105 Postgraduate programs and Continuing Education, with almost 3.800 students in doctorate, magister, postgraduate and diplomats areas.

It has a broad commitment with its students and in that sense, through its scholarship and benefits program, an 89% of its students has benefits and other 51% has scholarships given by the own university.

Its students exchange opportunities, are opened to all the undergraduate degrees, with 74 international agreements in 19 countries, in 4 continents.

The Educational Project, respond to the professional people competences formation and the commitment whit the country’s challenges; and for that, contributes in a determined and collaborative way to the wealth and diversity of the Chilean educational system, devoting to its close environment and the country’s development.

In its 29 years trajectory, San Sebastián has given to the country more than 25.300 professionals, with a strong solidarity and commitment to the community seal.